30 Aug

Cannot select multiple elements in a Plan View

Common “problem” I see my coworkers stumble upon is the problem with selection of multiple elements in a Floor Plan (and other Plan Views in Revit®).

What’s the problem: “Look, I have no problem with selection of elements one-by-one, but when I try to select few of them at the same time, nothing happens! What’s going on?”

So, point is you CAN at least select something. That eliminates element selection controls as potential problem (you know, those little switches in the lower right corner of the Revit®).

Solution: Check if elements you are trying to select are not in the View Range zone between Bottom and View Depth (look at the image below as a reference). If they are, lower the Bottom of the View Range to “cut” through those elements (or goes under them), and you will be able to select them.

If you are looking at the RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) view and have the same problem, the solution is the same, but, instead of the Bottom parameter (which is disabled in the RCP case), you need to adjust the Top parameter to “cut” through the elements (or goes over them).

(You know that Bottom and Top parameters will not actually cut the elements 🙂

1 Top
2 Cut plane
3 Bottom
4 Offset (from bottom)
5 Primary Range
6View Depth
7View range



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