26 Jan


Revit got you frustrated? Try healing power of Revit / BIM humor!

Disclaimer: the whole point of this page is to blow off some steam, not to offend or discredit anyone nor anything.

If just one of the memes make you smile than our goal here is achieved!  🙂

We will add more memes over time, so make sure to check it again from time to time.

engipedia team

For all “BIM Managers” without knowledge of any authoring software


We all know the feeling


Padme vs. Autodesk login


“Fully function family”



Ever happened to you?



Autodesk Revit explained



Revit : “who knows, maybe you’ll need them some day”



BIM coordination 2D DWG vs. Revit



all credit goes to the unknown author



Huh? Another origin?



Make your life easier, use proper file nomenclature


Toposurface – you know, that alien object in your Revit model


The hardest decision you’ll ever make as Revit user


Mac users be like


Always remember, deleting a level in Revit will delete everything associated with that level – without a warning!


At least you have the illusion of choice


Single copy / multiple copy – two totally different kinds of copying according to Revit


Autodesk Advanced Steal


C’mon Revit, it’s just dumb 2D lines


Revit is always testing your attention to pinned elements


When someone asks about Autodesk Revit Robot interoperability feature


Creating Revit filters is always fun


Typical Autodesk meeting about Revit legacy feature


When you need a workset, but the user is not available


Archicad user needing a new parametric object


When something is easier to do with Archicad


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  1. very funny memes. great job. BTW, may I translate these memes and put them on my personal website (with quote). I am from Taiwan, thank you.

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