Engipedia Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is applied to the following Engipedia software:

  • Engipedia Topo Shaper (Revit Add-in)
  • Engipedia Layers Manager FREE (Revit Add-in)
  • Engipedia Layers Manager PRO(Revit Add-in / Paid)
  • Engipedia Structural Layers (Revit Add-in / Paid)

Data Collection

Software does not collect any user data, does not send any data, nor use it on third party machines.

Data Sharing

Paid Engipedia software implements Autodesk Entitlement API which sends user data (Autodesk ID user name) to Autodesk servers to check if particular Autodesk ID has the licence to use Engipedia software. This data is sent once the user runs trial or paid Engipedia Revit Add-in and user’s computer is connected to the internet. Read more on Autodesk Entitlement API here.

Publisher’s Data Retention and Deletion Policy

Engipedia does not collect any data or personal data through Engipedia software.

Engipedia is collecting information about paid customers via Autodesk App Store and keeps that information on local storage as long as the user is using the Engipedia software.

Engipedia collects the following information:

  • Operating system used
  • Autodesk ID (same as the user’s email address)
  • First Name (if provided)
  • Last Name (if provided)
  • Company Name (if provided)
  • Country (if provided)
  • Download Date
  • Donwload Time
  • Quantity of purchased items

If user does not prolong subscription licence, Engipedia will delete all personal and other information 2 (two) years after the subscription ends.

Revoking Consent and/or Requesting Deletion of the Data

User can request Engipedia to delete all his personal and other data. If user owns licence(s) of Engipedia software at that moment, Engipedia will void all the user’s licence(s). Deletion of the data must be requested in written form via email from contact page. Engipedia keeps the right to confirm user’s true identity.