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Engipedia Layers Manager PRO, Revit® Add-in

In short, use this add-in to:

  • tag/annotate wall material layers and their thicknesses in Revit®
  • schedule wall material layers and their thicknesses in Revit®
  • export wall material layers to Excel or CSV in Revit®

Now, replace the word “wall” in the sentences above with: floor, roof, ceiling, pad or structural foundation slab.

Try it on Autodesk® App Store (30 days free trial available)

Here’s the short video instructions on how to get it to work:

As mentioned, it works with all layered categories in Revit®: Walls, Floors, Pads, Ceilings, Structural Foundations and Roofs.

Description and features

Add-in analyses all layered structures in Revit® project, looking for material names and layer widths (thicknesses). Materials, widths, and material layers with widths are written into multi-line Type parameters of all six layered categories (Ceilings, Floors, Site > Pads, Roofs, Structural Foundations and Walls).

These parameters can be used to show in tags and schedules.

Shared Parameters files that are used by the add-in are located in: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\Engipedia Layers Manager PRO.bundle\Contents

Basic add-in features:

  • Tree structure displays all layered structure types, materials and widths (thicknesses), showing:
    • Red color shows missing materials (<By Category> )
    • Core layers are underlined
    • Structural materials are bold and blue (or bold red if the material is missing)
  • Units can be set: millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, decimal inches and decimal feet
  • Unit format can be set: number of decimals and trailing zeros

Read below for more.

Try it on Autodesk® App Store (30 days free trial available)

With the help of this add-in, Wall layers, Floor layers and other layered structures can be easily tagged:


    With the help of this add-in, Wall layers, Floor layers and other layered structures can be easily scheduled and exported to Excel or CSV:



    Engipedia Layers Manager PRO has several additional key features on top of free Engipedia Layers Manager Revit® add-in for managing and extracting BIM data from materials in Revit® models.

    Update 2023-04-18:

    v1.1.23.0416 This add-in version unofficially supports Revit® 2016 – Revit® 2024 versions, and officially Revit® 2024 + 5 previous versions (Revit® 2023, Revit® 2022, Revit® 2021, Revit® 2020, Revit® 2019).

    PRO features

    Feet and fractional inches units option

    You can now use feet and fractional inches (and fractional inches only) option in material layers list and schedules and choose custom rounding fraction size.

    Custom parameter syntax

    Users can now set their own syntax for EN Layers, EN Widths, EN Layers and Widths parameters.

    Add-in can read all Revit® Material Properties from Material Identity Data (except Keywords) such as Material Name, Material Description, Material Cost and other. It can also read Material Density from Physical properties (if they are added to a material), and Thermal Conductivity, Specific Heat and Density from Thermal properties (if they are added to a material). All of these can be set in different parameters, including custom elements such as spaces, prefix, suffix etc.

    Export Revit® material layers to Excel table or CSV file

    Add-in can export or save layers to Excel spreadsheet, or save to CSV file. Syntax set in Parameter Syntax option will be applied to an export, among other export options visible on the image below.

    Exported material layers in Excel spreadsheet (Revit® basic sample model used for example):



    Try it on Autodesk® App Store (30 days free trial available)


    Other minor upgrades

    Loading dialog will show when on add-in startup showing the progress. This is useful on big models when add-in takes some time to load every type.

    Never miss the update. Automatic update check will notify user via the add-in is new update is available.

    Direct links for easy access to additional online information.

    Additional parameters were added:

    • EN Layers
    • EN Layers and Widths
    • EN Widths
    • EN Do Not Update
    • EN Type String
    • EN Layers Reversed
    • EN Layers and Widths Reversed
    • EN Widths Reversed

    Reversed parameters are mirroring original parameters, they are used to store reversed order of layers for tagging or scheduling purposes.


    The app is not signed, so you will get message like shown on the pictures below. Just click on “More info” to enable “Run Anyway” button to install.

    22 thoughts on “Engipedia Layers Manager PRO, Revit® Add-in

    1. Hi there, fantastic upgrade but I still cannot seem to add my NBS parameters which are values of the ‘custom’ material parameters (small icon bottom left material browser).
      please help ! JF

      • Hi, if you are talking about custom parameters added by the user to Materials, then no, those are not available. With Engipedia Layers Manager PRO Revit addin you can read built-in Revit parameters under Info tab of a material and some parameters from Thermal and Physical properties if they are added to a material.

    2. Hi I am talking about that – I would happily pay twice the fee if I was able to add some of these custom parameters!!
      Are there imminent / future plans to include this feature?

    3. Hi again, is there a workaround for this, the custom material parameter is all I am after…

      • What length and area are you refering to? Those are not material nor layer properties.

    4. Hi Mirko,
      So I have downloaded the Layer Manager Pro and installed it into my computer. Our company uses an off site IT so I didn’t actually install it. It appears they installed it correctly because I can see the Layer Manager and Layer Manager Pro when I go to the Add-Ins drop-down in the Revit 2021 project. However, when I go to the Revit 2022 project, I cannot see the Layer Manager Pro. I deleted all the EN parameters in the 2022 project and ran again but still, no layer manager pro. Any suggestions as to how I can get this to work?

    5. OK, thanks Mirko. That answers that question and was very helpful. We did install Engipedia Layer Manager Pro 2022 and it works now. However, a small problem came with it. I get an ERROR message that reads: Object rererence not set to an instance of an object. Data: System.collections.ListDictionaryInternal StackTrace: at Engipedia.EngipediaLayersManagerPro.CreateMaterial

      The plug-in still works but I have to close this error message about 7 or 8 times before it opens. It may be because I only have one parameter “Layers and Widths” chosen.

      • Hi Wayne, I assume the problem lies in the “old” or existing parameter(s). Before running the app you either need to have a or none of engipedia (EN_) parameters in your project. So, please try deleting all EN project parameters in your project before running the app so you allow it to add them the all over again on the first run. You will not need to do this again after the parameters are succesfully added to your project. Please let me know did this worked for you.

    6. OK, I cleared everything out of the project parameters and then opened and closed the project, opened the project, added the parameters, and that solved the problem. I guess the plug-in was getting confused by old parameters.
      Thanks Mirko, I have a deadline tomorrow so this worked out just in time.

      • Hi Ahme, Revit 2022 API is different than in previous Revit version so we would need to make separate application for it.

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    8. I installed and uninstalled several times the plug-in that seems to be present in the folder C:ProgramDataAutodeskApplicationPlugins. but unfortunately it does not appear in the add-on modules anyway

    9. Hi, is there an option in the free version to reorganize the parameter ie – ? or in the paid version I can exclude not loading all Share Parameters?

      • Hi, you cannot exclude addition of the shared parameters. In paid version you can structure what 3 basic parameter will contain. For example: you can set up EN Widths to not just report width of layers but also unit, material name and thermal conductivity. You can also add any fixed characters at any position like prefix, suffix, parentheses etc.

        • Ok. Thank you. Be great if we can, as some of the parameters are not needed for us.
          Will there be a Revit 2025 release?

          • Hi, it can be done, but I am wondering, if you can help me understand, why do extra parameters bother you?
            We are going to develop a version for Revit 2025, but can’t give you any estimate currently due to the other active projects and big .net change in Revit 2025.

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