Window with rolling shutter


Completely parametric Revit window family with rolling shutter.


  • Can be single swing or double swing, depending on chosen sub-family (can be easily expanded with more sub-families, no matter the configuration)
  • Glass subcategory can be switched off in Coarse views
  • Uses Rough Width and Rough Height parameters for structural (masonry) opening in wall
  • Opening tolerance parameter
  • Uses Width and Height parameters for window (ordering) size
  • Rolling shutter box projection lines can be shown in plan
  • Window instance can be set on different wall depths
  • Window sill cover can be adjusted automatically according to wall or manually to any depth
  • Rolling shutter can be lowered and raised per instance so each window can look different in elevation and 3d views
  • Works fine with composite walls and joined walls (when wall layers are modeled as separated)
  • Rolling Shutter box is parametric
  • Single Swing window can also be used as balcony door (Floor Plan Swing symbol can be shown as needed)
  • Double Swing window can have different panel sizes
  • Glass thickness can be changed


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