10 Jul

Rotate Revit family into any direction

Don’t you hate “Can’t rotate element into this position.” error message in Revit?

Let’s say you need to rotate element into a position in which Revit will not let you. There is a simple solution, but it includes creating additional family.

For our example we will take a book family with “Always vertical” parameter turned on. It does not matter, we do not need to switch it off.

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Create new Generic Model Adaptive family
  2. Create one Adaptive Point, click on the point
  3. Set “Point” parameter to “Placement Point”
  4. Next, set “Show Placement Number” to “When Selected”
  5. Load original family that you want to rotate (a book from this example)
  6. Place it in the new family and lock to one adaptive point plane (one is more than enough)
  7. Load adaptive family into a project, create instance (on a level or any other reference)
  8. Click on the adaptive point (you’ll need to tab it a little)
  9. Turn off instance parameter “driven by host”
  10. Rotate into any position
  11. If needed, set workplane on which you want to rotate and rotate again

That’s it!

Video shows it all:

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