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Show/Hide Curtain Wall in V/G

Curtain Walls are part of Walls category thus you cannot hide them in V/G by turning off Walls category if you want to keep walls visible.
To get rid of them but have “regular” walls visible, let’s create a filter.

Curtain Walls are part of the Walls category in Revit. Walls category has 3 default system families: Basic Wall, Curtain Wall and Stacked Wall. Filter should aim for the Family Name “Curtain Wall”.

When we isolate Walls category in 3D view, we will, unfortunately, isolate all Revit Walls families, including Curtain Wall family (selected in blue below):

To get only instances of the Basic Wall families, let’s create a filter and uncheck visibility of Curtain Wall family.

To create filter, type VV, or VG to open Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog in Revit.

  1. Go to Filters tab.
  2. Click Edit/New…
  3. Click on New icon
  4. Name the filter “Curtain Walls” or something recognizable
  5. Set the filter settings as displayed on the image below:
  6. Add the filter to Filters tab in Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog.
  7. Uncheck it if you want to hide Curtain Walls in the view.

Final result will show only isolated instances of the Basic Wall family types:


Maybe you are interested in how to automatically disallow joins on Revit Curtain Walls ends?

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