11 Dec

Create and Change Revit Family Instance with Dynamo Python

Creation of Revit family instances with Python code in Dynamo is easy to do if you have the right code snippet. So I am sharing it here.

Code snippet shows how to do few useful tasks:

  • How to select particular Revit family and type.
  • How to create instance of a type.
  • How to get particular parameter.
  • How to set particular parameter.
  • How to rotate family around it’s placement point (around Z axis).

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11 Dec

Engipedia Layers Manager PRO, Revit Add-in

If you are not familiar with free Engipedia Layers Manager add-in for Revit, then please read this article (and watch the video about Engipedia Layers Manager) before reading about Pro (paid) features.

Engipedia Layers Manager Pro has several additional key features on top of free Engipedia Layers Manager Revit add-in for managing and extracting BIM data from materials in Revit models.


Pro features

Feet and fractional inches units option

You can now use feet and fractional inches (and fractional inches only) option in material layers list and schedules and choose custom rounding fraction size.

Custom parameter syntax

Users can now set their own syntax for EN Layers, EN Widths, EN Layers and Widths parameters.

Add-in can read all Revit Material Properties from Material Identity Data (except Keywords) such as Material Name, Material Description, Material Cost and other. It can also read Material Density from Physical properties (if they are added to a material), and Thermal Conductivity, Specific Heat and Density from Thermal properties (if they are added to a material). All of these can be set in different parameters, including custom elements such as spaces, prefix, suffix etc.

Export Revit material layers to Excel table or CSV file

Add-in can export or save layers to Excel spreadsheet, or save to CSV file. Syntax set in Parameter Syntax option will be applied to an export, among other export options visible on the image below.

Exported material layers in Excel spreadsheet (Revit basic sample model used for example):

Other minor upgrades

Loading dialog will show when on add-in startup showing the progress. This is useful on big models when add-in takes some time to load every type.

Never miss the update. Automatic update check will notify user via the add-in is new update is available.

Direct links for easy access to additional online information.

Additional parameters were added:

  • EN Layers
  • EN Layers and Widths
  • EN Widths
  • EN Do Not Update
  • EN Type String
  • EN Layers Reversed
  • EN Layers and Widths Reversed
  • EN Widths Reversed

Reversed parameters are mirroring original parameters, they are used to store reversed order of layers for tagging or scheduling purposes.


The app is not signed, so you will get message like shown on the pictures below. Just click on “More info” to enable “Run Anyway” button to install.


Buy it on Autodesk App Store (30 days free trial available)