14 Jan

Custom Revision Numbers in Revit

Do you hate when you must use custom revision numbers in your Revit project? How many hacks do you think you need?

For example, you must use combination of letters and sequencing numbers at the same time. There is prefix and suffix options. Both of these features are useless if project rule is to use, for example, the following sequence:

A1, B2, C3, C4, C5, C6 …


P1P2P3P4R1, R2, R3 …

or something like that.

Well, solution for this „problem“ is very simple. Maybe you didn’t notice, but, in Revisions dialog (ribbon tab View > Revisions), on the bottom-right there is an option Read More

12 Jan

Cuttable vs. Non-Cuttable Revit Categories

If a family is cuttable then the family displays as cut when the cut plane of a view intersects that family in all types of views.

In Family Editor, click visibility-settings to open Element Visibility Settings dialog. There is an option called When cut in Plan/RCP.  (RCP is short for Reflected Ceiling Plan)


This option determines if family geometry is shown when the cut plane intersects that family. Family can be cuttable only if it’s Category is cuttable. How can we know which Revit categories are cuttable and which are not? Read More